Garden refuse pick up

Starting May 8th, 2018 And Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday

  •  Material for collection should be placed in the alley
  • yard waste(grass clippings, leave etc) should be in CLEAR plastic bags
  • garden refuse should be bundled, tied, or bagged
  • branches should be piled neatly in the same direction

A fee may be charged for excessive quantities 

You will be notified if this applies before the material is transported

Parking restrictions

No person shall park a vehicle on any street at one place for any period of time exceeding twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.

No person shall park a vehicle on 5th or 6th Ave for a period exceeding two(2) consecutive hours.

 No Person shall park any truck with a manufacturer’s rated capacity in excess of 5,500 kgs on any street in town.

No person shall park a vehicle on any portion of a boulevard or on any sidewalk or curb crossing.