Come for a Visit, Stay for a Lifetime

Broadview is an inexpensive and safe place to raise a family, retire, or start a new business venture.

The Town's infrastructure can easily handle significant population growth.

We are protected by a 13 member R.C.M.P. Detachment, and have a very well run volunteer Fire Department. We also boast some of the best Health Care Services you'll find anywhere in rural Saskatchewan. There are many recreational facilities and activities to choose from for your enjoyment.

We are a progressive community with a great history and lots of potential for the future. So, please browse through our website and visit our town to decide if this is the place for you. We think it is.



  • To assist in the removal of snow from streets and with winter maintenance procedures please observe the Towns parking restrictions and remove vehicles from the streets. 

  • Also please remember to remove your garbage/recycling roll out carts from the street/boulevard within 24 hours to give the Plow/Snow blower clear access when clearing the streets and to avoid damage to your carts 

  • We also ask that after the plow has been along the streets that you do not place snow from your driveway onto the cleared streets.


Parking restrictions

  • No person shall park a vehicle on any street at one place for any period of time exceeding twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.

  • No person shall park a vehicle on 5th or 6th Ave for a period exceeding two(2) consecutive hours.

  •  No Person shall park any truck with a manufacturer’s rated capacity in excess of 5,500 kgs on any street in town.

  • No person shall park a vehicle on any portion of a boulevard or on any sidewalk or curb crossing.